Sugarflair Sparkle Dust Non-Edible Glitter - Full Set of 4


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Non-Edible Sparkle Dust From Sugarflair - Set of 4

This full set of Sparkle Dust colours contains all four colours from the Ultimate Sparkle range of Non-Toxic, Non Edible glitter colours from Sugarflair Colours at a discount price.

This range of Sparkle glitter colours from Sugarflair gives a beautiful sparkle effect by the fine bright coloured sparkles.

They have a small particle size and are not soluble in water. Unlimited shelf life.


Instructions and Tips for Use

These Glitters are Non-Toxic and described 'For Food Contact' meaning they are safe to come into contact with food but should be used for decoration only and not consumed. Use on removable decorations and toppers for stunning effects.

In line with FSA & EEC regulations.

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