Sugarflair Powder Puff Glitter Dust Sprays - Complete Set of 19


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Sugarflair Powder Puff Glitter Dust Sprays - Set of 19

The full set of Sugarflair Powder Puff Glitter Dust Spray colours included 19 different colours. Each spray contains 10g of edible lustre food colour powder. They have a non aerosol, pump spray which can be used for cakes and cupcakes to quickly spray an even amount of lustre to areas that are difficult to dust with a brush.

The Powder Puff Spray lustre can be used for all over cake and cupcake surfaces or for highlights.

Fantastic for sugar flower makers who want to add an overall shine to their floral creations or to add lustre colour quickly and easily to individual flowers.

An innovative design that is also good for the planet!

Instructions and Tips for Use

Hold approximatly 10cm away from your creation and press down on the pump. Repeat until you achieve your desired effect. 


Baby Blue:  E171, E133
Baby Pink: E171, E124, E122
Dark Gold: E171, E172
Dark Silver: E171, E172
Electric Blue: E171, E133, E120, E172
Extreme Gold: E171, E172, E155
Light Gold: E171, E172
Light Silver: E171, E153, E172
Midnight Black: E171, E153, E172
Violet Shimmer: E171, E133, E120, E172
White: E171
Sun Tan: E171, E172
Valentine Red: E124, E171
Regal Gold: E171, E172, E153
Rose Gold: E171, E172
Pumpkin: E171, E110
Yoshi Yellow: E102, E171
Champagne: E171, E102, E155
Fusion Green: E171, E104, E133

Nut Free - Gluten Free - GM Free - Vegetarian

Store in a clean, dry and cool place.

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