Sugarflair Lacquer



Cake Decorators lacquer From Sugarflair

A great liquid for applying a high sheen, protective glaze finish to your decorations. Sugarflair have formulated this lacquer for use with airbrushes making it quick and easy to apply.

It can be thinned with isopropyl alcohol, cleaning fluid or rejuvenator fluid which will give a softer less solid sheen which is better for some sugar foliage, petals  and models.

Do not add water.


Instructions and Tips for Use

Place a few drops of the lacquer into the airbrush bowl and spray the item that you wish to lacquer such as sugar leaves or modelled figures. For a softer sheen mix with some glaze cleaner before adding.

Do not leave the lacquer to dry in the airbrush. Clean immediately after use with the Sugarflair Cleaner.

Warning: Because this product contains Shellac it is essential not to clean your airbrush or other equipment with water. You must use a cleaning fluid such as the Cleaning Fluid from Sugarflair or similar alcohol based glaze cleaners.


E904 Shellac, Ethanol 

Gluten Free, GM Free

This product is flammable. 

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