Sugarflair Edible Ink Food Colour Pens - FULL SET of 20 Colours


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Full Set of 20 Edible Ink Pens From Sugarflair Colours

The full set of Edible Ink Pens include all 20 colours in the range of Sugarflair edible food colour pens.

Sugarflair pens write with 100% edible food colour! They have a fine pointed end for fine linework and inscriptions.


Instructions and Tips for Use

Perfect for Drawing on cakes, sugarpaste icing and rice paper. For beginners to expert this is definitely a product that any cake decorator should have amongst their collection! 

It is important to let your cakes crust over before using the pen so give your sugarpaste 24 hours after icing to give the best results.These pens will not write well on soft icings.

Still need a little more practise at piping? This way you can write straight on to the cake! Or use a light colour as a guide and then pipe over the top for the next step. Looks good but less chance of going wrong.

Stuck for time? Personalise with a name in no time at all!

Let the kids have some fun! Decorate family birthday cakes with little mess and personalised pictures....

It is very important that the lid is replaced firmly after each use. These pens are like any felt tip and will dry out if left open.



Autumn Gold: E102 E155
Berry Blue: E133
Burgundy: E124 E122 E133
Cherry Red: E124
Chocolate Brown: E155 E133 E124 E102

Christmas Red: E124
Christmas Green: E102, E155, E133
Citrus Lemon: E102
Fuchsia: E422, E122
Grape Violet: E122 E133
Holly Green: E155 E133 E102
Liquorice Black: E133 E124 E102
Mint Green: E102 E133
Moss Green: E102 E155 E133
Peach / Flesh: E102 E129
Royal Blue: E133 E122
Ruby: E422, E122, E129
Spice Brown: E155
Sundae Pink: E124
Tangerine: E102 E124

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