Sugarflair Sugartex Edible Pollen MIMOSA YELLOW Granular Food Colour




Sugarflair Sugartex Granular Food Colour Powder - MIMOSA YELLOW Edible Pollen

The Mimosa Yellow edible pollen food colour from the Sugarflair Sugartex range is a granular food colour deigned primarily for colouring and texturing the stamens of sugar flowers.

You can buy Sugartex Edible Pollen in 5 different colours from Partyanimalonline..

Sold in a 14g resealable tub.

The best before date is guaranteed to be at least a year and in most cases it is more likely to be 2 or 3 years! As this is a best before date and not a sell by date you can even continue to use the the product for some considerable time after this date - it does not 'go off' but may start to lose some of it's colour as it gets older.


Instructions and Tips for Use

Although designed for use with sugar flowers, this colour is also great for producing textured effects on fondant icing. 



Sugar, Food Colourings E171, E102