Sugarflair Blossom Tint Edible Powder Dusting Colours - Full Set of 48


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Blossom Tint Range Of Powdered Food Colour From Sugarflair - Full Set of 48 Colours

New for 2019, this bargain set contains one vial of every colour in the Sugarflair range of Blossom Tint dusting colours. That is 48 fabulous colours for sugar flower making, cake decorating and many more uses. 

Each 7ml (net) resealable vials contains 2g of 100% Edible powdered food colour.

Sugarflair are the leading specialist manufacturer of sugarcraft colour products and are well known to cake decorators throughout the world.

Because so little food colour is needed you will find that this lasts and lasts. 
The best before date is guaranteed to be at least a year and in most cases it is more likely to be 2 or 3 years! As this is a best before date and not a sell by date you can even continue to use the the product for some considerable time after this date - it does not 'go off' but may start to lose some of it's colour as it gets older.


Instructions and Tips for Use

Blossom tint is perfect for dusting onto edible sugarcraft items such as sugar flowers, frills, plaques, models and so much more. It gives a subtle and impressive finish. Just use a soft dry brush to apply to your sugarcraft. 

Petal Powder can also be used for painting. To paint with blossom tint mix with rejuvenator solution, dipping solution, isopropyl alcohol or even vodka! (this does not dry so quickly but will still work!).

Although it can be mixed into small quantities of modelling or covering pastes to colour without making the paste sticky the Spectral Paste colour is more effective for large amounts as it is more concentrated and easier to mix.



  • APRICOT - contains E104, E110, E124 and E171
  • APPLE GREEN - contains  E102 E133
  • AUBERGINE - contains E122 Carmoisine, E133 Blue FCF and E153 Vegetable Carbon
  • AUTUMN GOLD - contains E102, E122 and E133
  • BLACK - contains E153 Vegetable Carbon
  • BURGUNDY - contains E122 and E153
  • BROWN - contains E172, E102, E122 and E132
  • BLUSH PINK - contains E171, E122
  • BUTTERMILK - contains E171, E102 and E124
  • CHOCOLATE - contains E172, E102, E122,E132 and E153
  • CORNISH CREAM - contains E171 and E102
  • CREAM - contains E171 and E172
  • CHAMPAGNE - contains E171, E155 and E102
  • DUSKY PINK - contains E171 Titanium Dioxide, E122 Carmoisine and E124 Ponceau 4R
  • EMERALD - contains E104 and E133
  • EGG YELLOW - contains E102 and E110
  • EUCALYPTUS - contains E171, E133, E104 and E124
  • FOLIAGE GREEN - contains E102, E133 and E122
  • FOREST GREEN - contains E102, E133 and E153
  • HEATHER - contains E122 Carmoisine, E555 Potassium Aluminium Silicate, E171 Titanium Oxide, E133 Blue FCF
  • ICE BLUE - contains Starch and E133
  • JADE - contains E133 and E102
  • LEMON YELLOW - contains E102 Tartrazine
  • MOSS GREEN - contains E102, E133 and E124
  • NAVY BLUE - contains E133, E122 and E153
  • NUTKIN BROWN - contains E104, E124, E133 and E153
  • OCEAN BLUE - contains E133 and E122
  • PEACH - contains E171, E110 and E124
  • POPPY RED - contains E124 and E104
  • PETAL BLUE - contains E171 Titanium Dioxide and E133 Blue FCF
  • PRIMROSE - contains E104 Quinoline Yellow
  • RED - contains E124 Ponceau 4R
  • ROSE - contains E171 Titanium Dioxide, E124 Ponceau 4R and E122 Carmoisine
  • RUBY - contains E122, E124
  • SPRING GREEN - contains E104 Quinoline Yellow and E133 Blue FCF
  • SHADOW GREY - contains E171 and E153
  • SKINTONE - contains Starch and E172 Iron Oxide
  • SUNSET ORANGE - contains E110
  • TERRACOTTA - contains E110, E124 and E133
  • TANGERINE - E110 Sunset Yellow and E102 Tartrazine
  • WOODLAND GREEN - contains E155, E102, E133, E171 and E153
  • WHITE - contains E171 Titanium Dioxide and E551 Silicone Dioxide
  • GOOSEBERRY - E102, E133, E155
  • LIME GREEN - E104, E133
  • OLD GOLD - E104, E155


100% Edible food colours. E102, E104, E110, E122, E124 and E129 may have an adverse effect on activity and attention in children.

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