Sugarflair Cleaner for Airbrush, Equipment and Accessories




Cake Decorators Cleaner From Sugarflair

Sugarflair Cleaner is designed to clean brushes and palettes after using cake glaze or other shellac based products. 

A great clear cleaner for cleaning all airbrush equipment and accessories. It can also be used for thinning the airbrush colours or other food colours especially where you want a quick drying finish. 

How to Use the Airbrush Cleaning fluid

For cleaning your airbrush spray out any remaining colour. Add a few drops of cleaner to the bowl and leave for a minute or so to soak and then spray out. Repeat until no further colour is sprayed when you add the cleaner.

When using shellac based glazes if you clean brushes with water the glaze will just clog up so it is important to use alcohol based products to clean completely. The Sugarflair Cleaner will dissolve and remove the glaze from all your tools. 

 Gluten Free, GM Free

This product is flammable. 


Water, Ethanol (18%)

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