Squires Kitchen Sugar Flower Paste SFP - White 1Kg

Squires Kitchen

SKU: PA102172

Flower Paste SFP - White 1Kg

Squires Kitchen SFP (Sugar Flower Paste) is made in the UK from quality ingredients.This 1kg bulk pack is sold at a great discount for even better value.

Squires Kitchen are the leading manufacturer and have developed this paste to be perfect for making fine sugar flowers and foliage. With over 20 years in the business they know what works best! It is the professional's choice all over the world.


Instructions and Tips for Use

SFP is pliable and ready to use straight from the foil sachet. This has a handy zip top which helps to keep the paste fresh even after it has been opened.

The flower paste can be rolled very finely without breaking and can be worked with flower modelling tools for perfect edges without cracking. It gives a fine and delicate finish to all your sugar flowers, and can be fixed to wires to make wonderful wired sugar flower bouquets and arrangements.

You can also mix the SFP 50:50 with Sugarpaste (Ready to roll fondant) to make perfect modelling paste for Garrett Frills and figures. Brilliant for all sorts of fabric effects too! SFP can also be used with many cutters moulds embossers and formers for fantastic effects.

It is also available in White and 20 beautiful colours in 100g and 200g packs - great for all types of flowers and foliage. You can also mix the pastes to achieve many different colours or add food colours - we would recommend the Sugarflair Paste Colours to mix in as they are concentrated and do not make the paste sticky. Once dry your products can be dusted with powder colours to give a realistic finish to your leaves and petals.

SFP is gluten-free and suitable for vegetarians (not vegans however as it does contain albumin). Although a nut-free recipe, it is made in a factory which also produces marzipan so may be unsuitable for people with a nut allergy.



Sugar, glucose, water, maize starch, emulsifier: carboxyl methyl cellulose, free range egg albumen, preservative: acetic acid.

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