Squires Kitchen Extra Strength COCOL Set of 2

Squires Kitchen

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Extra Strength COCOL Set - Cool and Warm Packs

Squires Kitchen COCOL cocoa butter colouring is specially designed to add colour to your chocolate work. This value for money back contains both the Cool Tone set, 5 x 15g pots of Cocol colours in cool colours and the Warm Tone set, 5 x 15g pots of Cocol colours in warm colours.

Cool Tone Set: Green, Purple, Blue, Silver and White.

Warm Tone Set: Red, Yellow, Orange, Pink and Gold

The COCOL Colours are based on cocoa butter and therefore have a great texture and flavour as well as colour. You can mix into melted chocolate to give an all over colour or can paint or spatter into moulds before pouring your chocolate to give a dramatic effect on your hand made chocolates and moulds. Perfect for Easter Eggs too! They are also ideal for making your own transfer sheets for cakes, cupcakes, petit fours and many more choccy creations.


Instructions and Tips for Use

Simply heat gently in the microwave or over a bowl of warm water to melt the colours and then shake or stir well before use. The bright colours work best when used with white chocolate. The white colour is particularly useful for making paler pastel tints of the other colours and can also be ‘spattered’ on to chocolates (or into a mould) for a contemporary design feature.



Cocoa Butter plus Food Colourings;
GREEN-E104 E133
PURPLE-E122, E132
SILVER-Potassium Aluminium Silicate,E171

ORANGE-E104, E124
GOLD-E171, E172

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