Squires Kitchen Confectionery Glaze

Squires Kitchen

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Confectionery Glaze

Squires Kitchen CONFECTIONERS GLAZE comes in a 100ml bottle. 100% Edible!


Instructions and Tips for Use

Great for glazing delicate items such as sugarcraft flowers and leaves. Can be used on Sugar, chocolate and marzipan. Either paint onto the item or in the case of wired sugar leaves you can dip into the glaze and allow to dry.

Mix with gold or silver edible lustre powders to make a totally edible metallic paint for your confectionery items.

To thin it down and reduce the high gloss to a more matt glaze add isopropyl alcohol.

Important: Do not use water to clean your brushes or thin down the glaze as this will cause the glaze to go white and clotted. Always use isopropyl alcohol (dipping solution/ rejuvenator liquid) to clean your equipment

Shake well before use and use in a well ventilated area.



Ethanol and Glazing Agent E904 (Shellac).

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