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Squires Kitchen Cocoa Butter 100g

Squires Kitchen cocoa butter is a completely natural extract from cacao beans. When melted it acts like an oil.

Squires Kitchen Cocoa Butter is an essential ingredient in chocolate making. It can be used to thin down chocolate to make it easier to pour, and used as a glaze for marzipan modelling plus many other uses. One of my personal favourite uses is in cocoa painting where you can paint beautiful chocolate sepia toned pictures using cocoa butter mixed with cocoa.

You can also use cocoa butter in many other culinary uses. It cooks at a high temperature making it resistant to burning unlike other oils and fats. Try frying beef, particularly chili in it for a rich back taste that goes perfectly with the meal.

The medicinal value of cocoa butter is also very well documented and it is used in creams and make-ups. Cocoa butter is also great for dry skin as well as stretch marks and scars.

What a fantastically versatile product!

Instructions and Tips for Use

Cocoa Butter can be melted in the microwave or over a bowl of hot water, and then coloured using powder colours or cocoa powder. This is perfect for painting on chocolate which otherwise resists the colour.

When cool the cocoa butter will solidify again. 

Find powder colours

 Cocol ready coloured cocoa butter is also available



100% Cocoa butter. 

Allergy Advice: May contain nuts and milk

Store in a clean, dry, odourless environment at 12-20 degrees centigrade. 

Suitable for vegetarians

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