Sparkling Sugar Crystals From Rainbow Dust - Full Set of 13

Rainbow Dust


Sparkling Sugar Crystals - Full Set of 13

From leading manufacturer, Rainbow Dust comes a wonderful NEW concept in cake decorating! Perfect for all edible uses including cookies, cupcakes, desserts and much more.

They can be used as a sparkling cover to cakes!

Sold in resealable 50g tubs.

Instructions and Tips for Use

These are individual sugar crystals which have been coated with a sparkly surface that reflects the light. Wonderful for sprinkling on your cupcakes or desserts, They are 100% edible and are perfect for glitzing up cakes, cookies, cupcakes or any sweet culinary creation!!!


Baby Blue: E171, E132
Black: E171, E153
Royal Blue: E171, E153
Metallic Gold: E171, E172
Metallic Silver: E171, E153
Metallic Green: E171, E100, E131
Pearlecent Pink: E171, E120
Pearlescent Purple: E171, E120, E133
Pearlescent Red: E171, E120, E100
Pearlescent Rose: E171, E120
Pearlescent Turquoise: E171, E131, E100
Pearlescent White: E171
Yellow: E171, E100

All colours contain Sugar, Glazing Agent E904 (Shellac)

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