Rainbow Dust Non Toxic CRAFT Dust Colours - Bright Pink

Rainbow Dust


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Rainbow Dust Craft Dust - Bright Pink

This beautiful craft colour from Rainbow Dust is sold in a 3 gram resealable tub and available in 25 vibrant colours. It is completely food contact safe although classified as non-toxic and not as edible by EU regulations. Craft colours are recommended for use on decorative materials and removed before eating.

Ideal for sugar flower sprays and decorative plaques and models..


Instructions and Tips for Use

Craft dust is perfect for dusting onto sugarcraft decorative items like sugar flowers, plaques, models and so much more which will be removed from the cake before consumption. It gives a subtle and impressive finish. Just use a soft dry brush to apply to your sugarcraft. 

It can also be used for painting. To paint with craft powder mix with rejuvenator solution, dipping solution, isopropyl alcohol or even vodka! (this does not dry so quickly but will still work!).

Although this dust is non toxic, it's not recommended for mixing into edible items.