Rainbow Dust GRAPHITE Sparkle Glitter Colours - Full Set of 5 Colours

Rainbow Dust

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Full set of 5 GRAPHITE sparkle colours from Rainbow Dust

This set of 5 colours include all the colours in the Graphite range of sparkly glitter from Rainbow Dust at a bargain price. This small but powerful range is absolutely stunning! All good strong colours with bright sparkling highlights.

These Glitters are Non-Toxic and described 'For Food Contact' meaning they are safe to come into contact with food but should be used for decoration only. This description is in line with EEC regulations. Decorative items should be removed before consumption.

The 5 colours included are : Graphite Green, Graphite Hologram, Graphite Halloween, Graphite Orange and Graphite Blue. 

Instructions and Tips for Use

My favourite use is by dipping wired stars which have been brushed with edible glue into the colours and then using on top of the cake as though the bright glittery stars are literally bursting from the top of the cake - wonderful!!! (place wires into a posy pick to keep to hygiene and food safety regs)