Rainbow Dust Glitter Sparkle Colours - GLACIER GREEN

Rainbow Dust

SKU: PA100346

Sparkle Range of Glitter From Rainbow Dust - GLACIER GREEN

Glacier Green is one of the Sparkle range of Non-Toxic, Non Edible glitter colours from Rainbow Dusts Colours.

The Glacier Range of Sparkle glitter colours from Rainbow Dust are fabulously glittery shades with a very subtle coloured sheen. The flakes appear white but shine with a hint of colour. They are great for when even pastel shades are too bright. 

 They have a small particle size and are not soluble in water. Unlimited shelf life.

Glacier Green shines with a pastel green colour.

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Instructions and Tips for Use

These Glitters are Non-Toxic and described 'For Food Contact' meaning they are safe to come into contact with food but should be used for decoration only and not consumed. Use on removable decorations and toppers for stunning effects.

In line with FSA & EEC regulations.

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