Rainbow Dust Edible Ink Food Art Pens - Full Set of 19

Rainbow Dust

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Edible Ink Food Art Pens (Double Ended) - Full Set of 19

New and improved range of 19 Rainbow Dust double-ended edible pens.  The new recipe now has increased flow properties and improved the colour, making lines and patterns cleaner and sharper and colours more vibrant.

This fantastic value set contains the full range of 19 edible food colour pens manufactured by Rainbow Dust Colours. 

This double ended pen has a clever 2 ended design so that you have a fine and a chunky nib on the same pen. The thick and thin ends allow you to work on whatever scale you require, from bold colour strokes right down to the intricate details of character model work! 

With the development of a specially formulated "Food Ink" Rainbow Dust have produced a pen that allows the ink to flow through a standard chunky nib (approx 2.5mm), right down to a 0.5mm nib. This nib is so fine that you can even use it for facial features on your sugar models. Much easier than using a brush for fine detail work! 

Vegetarian & vegan.

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Instructions and Tips for Use

Perfect for Drawing on cakes, sugarpaste icing and rice paper. For beginners to expert this is definitely a product that any cake decorator should have in their toolbox. If your piping technique leaves something to be desired using this great food colour pen makes writing an inscription so quick and easy too! Simply trace your inscription with your food colour pen onto your cake and then you have guidelines to pipe over.

Let the kids have some fun! Decorate family birthday cakes with little mess and personalised pictures....

Each pen comes in a hygienic, sealed pack for extra piece of mind.

It is important to let your cakes crust over before using the pen so give your sugarpaste 24 hours after icing to give the best results. These pens will not write well on soft icings or fatty products such as candy or chocolate.

Make sure that the lid is replaced firmly after each use. Like any other edible or inedible felt tip the pen will dry out if left open.

There is a small risk that international orders containing the Click-Twist Brushes® & Edible Food-Art Pens® being sent via "Airmail" can result in minimal leakage due to air pressure. It is at your own risk if you choose to order these items for international shipping.



All pens include : Water and Glycerine, ethanol.

Black: E122, E102, E133  /  Bright Gold: E102 and E122   /  Burgundy: E122 and E133  /  Chocolate: E102, E122 and E133   /   Dark Chocolate: E102, E122 and E133   /   Dark Gold: E102, E122 and E133   /   Dusky Pink: E122 and E133   /   Grape Violet: E122 and E133   /   Holly Green: E102, E122 and E133   /   Leaf Green: E102, E122 and E133   /      Navy: E151, E122 and E133   /   Orange: E110   /   Red: E124   /   Royal Blue: E133 and E151   /   Silver Grey: E151, E110 and E142   /   Sky Blue: E133 and E122   /   Spring Green: E102, E122 and E133   /   Teal: E131 and E102   /   Yellow: E131 and E102.

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