Rainbow Dust Edible Food Paint Set - Light Gold, Holly & Red

Rainbow Dust

SKU: PA104244

METALLIC Light Gold, Holly & Red Edible Food Paint From Rainbow Dust

This set contains 3 Metallic food paints from Rainbow Dust. A brilliant set that is perfect for Christmas including red, green and gold.

The Rainbow Dust range of Metallic paints is FULLY EDIBLE and comes in a wide range of fabulous colours. They are ready-to-use and so no mixing is required, and because they are completely water soluble it is very easy to clean your paintbrushes and other equipment after use.

Although water soluble this paint is completely sealed once dry so you get no smudges or loose dust! What a breakthrough! 

The food colour paints are available in Metallic, Pearlised and Paint It! food colour paint ranges.

For even application over the cake surface the Easy Cover Sponge makes application so easy - no streaks!

You can see all the available Rainbow Dust food colour paints here including some great bargain sets. 

If doing small details why not add the Rainbow Dust pre-loaded Click-Twist brushes.  They come in most of the colours and are great to buy together for both wide areas and small details.

Instructions and Tips for Use

You can use Rainbow Dust Metallic Paints in many different ways:

Fine Detail can be added by painting with a fine paintbrush. Once dry this will remain detailed with no smudges to spoil your finish.

All-over colour can be added with a larger brush but to avoid streaks and get a much better finish the perfect tool to use is the Rainbow Dust Easy Cover Sponge - a completely natural sponge which will give a perfect finish! When using this method it is usually necessary to use a second coat to get an excellent metallic finish - wait for the first to dry before you add the second coat.

For an even quicker and easier coat you can use the Metallic Paint in an airbrush - it can be added directly to the airbrush with no need to thin the paint. (an airbrush with at least a 0.35mm nozzle is recommended. It is also recommended that you clean your airbrush immediately after using the pigments to prevent blockages)

Nut Free, GM Free, Suitable for Vegetarians, Kosher & Halal

Coverage Guide: Approximately half a bottle of the paint is needed to paint an 8 inch round cake (3 inch deep) and 10 inch drum, also covered in sugarpaste when using the metallic paint applied with the EasyCover Sponge, using 2 coats for an even finish.



METALLIC LIGHT GOLDWater, Colours: E171, E172, Modified Starch, Emulsifer: Soya Lecithin, Acidity Regulator: E330, Preservative: E202.

METALLIC REDWater, Colours: E171, *E124, Modified Starch, Emulsifer: Soya Lecithin, Acidity Regulator: E330, Preservative: E202.

METALLIC HOLLY GREENWater, Colours: *E171, *E104, E133, E155, Modified Starch, Emulsifer: Soya Lecithin, Acidity Regulator: E330, Preservative: E202.

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