Rainbow Dust Edible Food Colour Pro Gel - SEA GREEN

Rainbow Dust

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ProGel Concentrated Food Colouring From Rainbow Dust - SEA GREEN

Sea Green Pro Gel® concentrated colour is manufactured by Rainbow Dust Colours makes colours from a pale turquoise green to a deep teal green colour. It is a professional quality, highly concentrated 100% edible food colouring.

Pro-Gel colours come in a wide range of tints and shades. Only the smallest amount of ProGel® is required to give a deep rich colour to your edible projects. Find the full range of ProGel colours here.

Each gel comes in a colour co-ordinated and clean-to-use plastic tube with a tamper evident seal under the resealable screw top. 

Vegetarian & Vegan 

Instructions and Tips for Use

ProGel® mixes well with sugarpaste, marzipan, buttercream and many other pastes and icings.

To open simply peel away the foil seal and squeeze a small amount of the gel out of the tube. Easy to measure and no more messy containers. You can easily identify the colour by the colour co-ordinated packaging so no more searching for the right tub to use.



  • Sea Green - E133, E104, E122 and E155

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