Rainbow Dust Easy Cover Paint Sponge

Rainbow Dust



Easy Cover Paint Sponge From Rainbow Dust

If you don't have an airbrush (or even if you do!) using this Rainbow Dust Sponge to apply the Rainbow Dust Paints to your cake surface makes covering large areas quick and simple. Great metallic and pearlised effects!

You're sponge will be firm when you receive it so rinse under tap water to soften it ready for use. Squeeze well.


Instructions and Tips for Use

Pour the Rainbow Dust Food Paint on to a paint pallet or saucer and gently press the sponge in to it. Apply to your surface with a gentle dabbing motion. Leave to dry for about approx 30mins. repeat until you get a full and even covering - 2 coats will usually do the trick!

To clean the sponge simply wash the sponge under warm water. The dye from the paint may stain the actual sponge but this will not effect future usage.

Rainbow Dust recommend about half a bottle of metallic paint for an 8" round cake.