PME Trumpet Gentian Wild Flower Cutter


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Trumpet Gentian Wild Flower Cutter

This cutter set from PME Sugarcraft contains 2 cutters to make the leaf and flower of the Trumpet Gentian, a beautiful blue alpine wild flower. It can also be used to make flowers like miniature Lilies and Azalias.

The cutters are made from food safe plastic and are part of the Jane Sharp range of wild flower cutters from PME.


Instructions and Tips for Use

Simply roll your icing, Flower paste or modelling paste (we recommend Sugar Florist Paste (SFP) for creating sugar flowers and foliage) onto a non-stick board and press in the cutter. A mexican hat technique will give you the trumpet shape and this can be emphasised by using flower tools such as the PME bulbous Cone tool.

Smooth the edges with a ball tool or dogbone tool to give a natural finish to the petal edges. You can also use a veiner to mark in the details. Set into a former to give the natural shape and then assemble onto the cake or insert wires for realistic sugar displays.

PME Sugar Craft England, producer of fine cake decorating tools.
They also produce some other great cutters which you can also buy on our site!