PME Stainless Steel Piping Icing Tube Set of 5


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PME Seamless Stainless Steel Piping Icing Tube Set of 5

This set of 5 PME Supatube stainless steel piping nozzles is a perfect beginners set. It contains five of the most useful piping tubes for royal icing and other icing.

All the piping tips are of professional quality and made from stainless steel so will not corrode, rust or discolour in normal use. Because they are seamless they do not drag or pull - particularly important for fine lines.

Included in the set are 3 writing tubes - no. 1, no.2, and no.3. plus a star tube (No.7) and rope tube (No.42) 

Instructions and Tips for Use

This set of tubes is great for starting out with royal icing projects.

The 3 writing tubes can be used for piping inscriptions as well as for linework. Start by piping your inscription using the No.2 tube with royal icing the same colour as the base colour of your cake. The overpipe in the colour of your choice using the No.1 tube. This way it is easy to remove should you make a mistake without colouring the cake surface. For a larger inscription you can start with the 3 tube and overpipe with the No 2 tube.

The writing tubes can also be used for linework - again start with a thicker line and build up using a progressively finer tube for a great 3d effect.

You can also use the writing tubes for a snails trail around the base of the cake.

The rope and star tubes can be used for shells, scrolls and borders,


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