PME Side Scraper - METAL



Side Scraper - Metal

This high quality Metal Side Scraper is made from Stainless Steel by PME Sugarcraft. Unlike many cheap brands this scraper is firm and smooth and will not tarnish. Excellent for a perfect coat to your sides whether you are using Royal Icing, Buttercream or creams.

121mm x 84mm - 1mm thick


Instructions and Tips for Use

Coat your cake sides with your chosen icing using a spatula or palette knife. Hold your side scraper at right angles to your base board against the cake side and smoothly run it round the side of your cake, making sure you keep at right angles all the way round.

For a perfect finish use a turntable as you will be able to go all the way round your cake without stopping.

Don't be fooled by cheap copies, these genuine PME products will last and last!

Brand New in a sealed pack with full instructions.

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