PME Release-a-cake Cake Release Liquid


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Release-a-cake Cake Release

PME Release-a-cake is a liquid that can be applied to cake tins and moulds before your bake to ensure easy quick release of the final baked product.  


Instructions and Tips for Use

Apply a small amount of PME release-a-cake directly to the surface of the cake tin. Use a pastry brush to spread the product over the base and sides of the tin. Pour cake batter into the tin and bake a directed. Once cooked, place a cake cooling rack over the cake, hold firmly in place and turn over.

Optimum storage temperature is 15-20 degrees centigrade.



Vegetable oils. thickener: Carnauba wax (E903), Emulsifier: Lecithine (E322), Propulseur: Propane, butane, isobutane.

Suitable for vegetatrians

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