PME Cake Topper Cutter - Mr & Mrs Modern


SKU: PA104093

PME Cake Topper Cutter - Mr & Mrs Modern

This 'Mr & Mrs' Cake Topper Cutter from PME cuts out an inscription complete with spikes to fix into your cake top in a perfect modern script. The cutter has fine detail and is made from food safe plastic. Great for wedding cake top decorations.

Simply use a good firm modelling paste or pastillage, cut out then dry flat (or curved!), paint and stick into the cake top for a completely edible topper. It has fine detail so make sure you roll your paste thinly to prevent it sticking in the cutter.


Script: 130mm x 160mm 

Bottom 'Picks': 50mm


How to use the PME Cake Topper Cutters

Be sure to use a firm, non-sticky modelling paste or pastillage. Roll out your paste thinly (about 2mm) and press the cutter firmly onto the paste. Remove excess paste with a scriber. A soft paintbrush works well to push the paste out of the cutter without damage.

Leave to dry overnight.

Paint with edible paints to suit your cake theme. Add decorations if you wish. 

Before serving carefully push the spikes into the cake top for a beautiful edible free standing cake topper.

Watch the following video for more details:

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