PME Plastic ALPHABET Cutter Set - 26 cutters


SKU: PA102672

Plastic Alphabet Cutter Set - 26 cutters

This set of Alphabet Cutters is a genuine PME product. It consists of 26 letter cutters from A - Z. Each cutter is in a bold capital font and can be used for all sorts of sugarcraft and general craft uses. Perfect for bold inscriptions, monograms and small cookies and sweets.

Each letter measures approximately: 50mm high.

Don't be fooled by cheap copies, these genuine PME products will last and last!


Instructions and Tips for Use

Use with a variety of Edible and Non-Edible materials such as Renshaws Regalice, Sugar Florist Paste (SFP), Mexican Modelling Paste (MMP), Marzipan, Pastry, Cookie Dough or Craft Clay.

Roll out your paste on a non-stick surface using cornflour or icing sugar to prevent it from sticking. If you like you can texture your paste with textured rolling pins or pattern sheets.

Cut out your letter.

PME Sugar Craft England, producer of fine cake decorating tools.
They also produce some other great plunger cutters which you can also buy on our site!

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