PME Modelling Tools - Scriber Needle Tool




Modelling Tools - Scriber Needle Tool

This high quality scriber needle tool is manufactured by PME sugarcraft.

This is a genuine tool from PME and is made of high quality, food safe materials.


Instructions and Tips for Use

The main use for this scriber tool is for transferring patterns onto cakes and plaques.

To transcribe your pattern draw it first onto greaseproof or silicone paper. Once you are happy with the design you can place the paper on the cake surface and use the scriber needle to either prick small holes through the greaseproof to mark key points in your design or scrape over the design to mark the lines. You can then use this transferred design as a guide for piping or positioning your finished design on the cake.

You are much less likely to make errors this way and when making repeat patterns, you know that each pattern will be identical.

It is also a useful aid to positioning small delicate pieces onto your cakes and cupcakes such as tiny blossoms, lace pieces etc.

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