PME Modelling Tools - Scallop and Comb Tool


SKU: PA100124

Modelling Tools - Scallop and Comb Tool

This double ended tool is manufactured by PME sugarcraft. It is a single tool with 2 different ends. One end has a curved scallop and the other a serrated comb edge.

This is a genuine tool from PME and is made of high quality, food safe materials.


Instructions and Tips for Use

The main use for this double ended tool is for sugarcraft modelling.

The scallop is perfect for adding features to faces. It can be used for smiles, frowns, eyebrows etc. by pressing it into your paste.

The other end which has a zig-zag edge is useful for texturing paste. By drawing it down the length of a strip of paste you can get a corded effect or by pressing it gently into paste in un upright manner you can get serrations or stitching effect.

This is probably one of my most used tools!

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