PME Modelling Tools - Quilting Tool




Modelling Tools - Quilting Tool

This double ended Quilting / Stitching tool tool is manufactured by PME sugarcraft. It is a single tool with 2 different ends. This tool has a serrated quilting / stitching wheel at one end and a veining tool at the other end.

This is a genuine tool from PME and is made of high quality, food safe materials.


Instructions and Tips for Use

An important tool for marzipan, sugarpaste and dough modelling this double ended tool is perfect to make any kind of stitching or quilting effect on sugarpaste shapes or models.

This tool can be used to add fine detail to your sugarpaste. The wheel attachment creates a detailed stitched finish and is ideal for adding a more realistic touch to sugarpaste ribbons, clothing and perfect for teddy bears!

The other end is great marking lines and for shaping and adding embossed patterns. The veining end is also great for marking veins in your sugar foliage when making sugar flower arrangements.