PME Modelling Tools - Cutting Wheels Tool




Modelling Tools - Cutting Wheels Tool

This double ended tool with different sized cutting wheels on each end is manufactured by PME sugarcraft. It is a single tool with 2 different ends. The small wheel measures 10mm diameter and the larger one 15mm.

This is a genuine tool from PME and is made of high quality, food safe materials.


Instructions and Tips for Use

Because these wheels are so fine they do not cause drag, unlike using a knife, and so cuts your paste cleanly and evenly. For very delicate work the small wheel can be used - it will get right into the corner and give you exceptional control. Where the paste is thicker or the detail not so fine the larger wheel may be used for greater speed and stability.

You can use this tool in sugarpaste and marzipan modelling - as well of course in other craft modelling! Brilliant for cutting out all sorts of work in modelling or craft work.