PME Modelling Tools - 5 & 6 Star Taper Cones Tool




Modelling Tools - 5 & 6 Star Taper Cones Tool

This double ended tool with 5 and 6 sectioned tapered cones is manufactured by PME sugarcraft. It is a single tool with 2 different ends. One end has a 5 star tool and the other a 6 star tool.

This is a genuine tool from PME and is made of high quality, food safe materials.


Instructions and Tips for Use

The main use for the 5 and 6 star tools is in making sugar flowers by the pulled flower method. Make a cone of sugar and open out slightly with a plain cone tool then push the 5 or 6 star end into the centre. Which side you use depends on how many petals you want in your flower. The 5 and 6 star tool marks the petals very evenly making it easier to achieve petals of a uniform size and shape. Cut down the markings and then 'pull' the divisions to form your petals. With practice you can make lots of different types of flowers by this method - no cutters needed!

You can also use this tool in sugarpaste and marzipan modelling - as well of course in other craft modelling! By pushing it in straight you get pretty star shaped indentations or when used at an angle a pleated effect can be achieved. Great for textures on the clothing of modeled figures or round the borders of plaques.