PME Metal High Heel Shoe - Set of 2




PME Metal High Heel Shoe Cutter Set of 2

This set of metal cutters from PME contains a small and large cutter for high heel shoes. The large cutter is ideal for cookies or for cake top decorations whilst the small one can be used for cupcakes or for cake sides.

Perfect with a wide range of edible and non edible doughs and pastes.

The metal cutters cut cleanly and have a folded top making them easy on the hands.


  • Large Shoe Cutter: 9cm x 6.5cm  (3½" x 2¾")
  • Small Shoe Cutter: 4cm x 2.75cm  (1½" x 1") 

Instructions and Tips for Use

For cookies roll out your cookie dough. Because this cutter is straight edged and deep you can make your dough as thick as you need without any sticking.

Bake your cookies as normal.

When cool flood the top with royal icing in the colour of your choice. Finish withbuckles bows or other decoration.