PME Marzipan / Icing Spacers



Marzipan / Icing Spacers

This set of two plastic spacers for producing evenly rolled out sugarpaste, marzipan etc is manufactured from high quality food grade materials by PME Sugarcraft. This is the full length set.

The spacers measure 6mm (1/4") x 10mm (3/8")x 380mm (15") approximately.


Instructions and Tips for Use

They are large enough to allow you to roll out paste for a celebration cake.

Depending on which way you rest the spacers you can roll to a thickness of approx. 10mm - perfect for marzipan or thicker sugarpaste coverings, or 6mm - excellent for most sugarpaste coverings. Simply lie the spacers either side of your paste and roll out the paste as usual. Once your pin rests on the spacers the paste will be even and the required thickness.

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