PME Impression Tools - SQUARE Design LARGE Embossing Mat



Impression Tools - Square Design LARGE Embossing Mat

This impression mat from PME Sugarcraft is in a LARGE Square Design. Perfect for embossing cake sides and cupcake tops. It is made from food safe plastic and can be used with a wide variety of modelling and covering pastes including Sugarpaste, Marzipan, Mexican paste and craft clays.

Embosser mat measures approx. 305mm x 150mm (6" x 12") - 1mm thick

Each individual square measures approx. 37.5mm (3.75cm), 1½"


Instructions and Tips for Use

Either side of the reversible mat can be used to create a pattern with either raised or embossed grid of squares. It is flexible to allow use on curved tops and sides.

Brilliant when used with lustre colours or metallic paints and can be embellished with dragees or flowers or simply used as a pretty base for your cake top design.

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