PME Impression Tools - COBBLESTONE Design Embossing Mat




Impression Tools - Cobblestone Design Embossing Mat

This impression mat from PME Sugarcraft is in a COBBLESTONE Design. Perfect for embossing cake sides and cupcake tops. It is made from food safe plastic and can be used with a wide variety of modelling and covering pastes including Sugarpaste, Marzipan, Mexican paste and craft clays.  

305mm x 150mm (12" x 6") - 1mm thick approx.


Instructions and Tips for Use

Either side of the reversible mat can be used to create a pattern with either raised or embossed cobbles. It is flexible to allow use on curved tops and sides. Perfect for cupcakes or novelty cakes and modelling.

Brilliant when used with powdered food colour brushed on to give natural shades and tints for a realistic look or with lustre colours or metallic paints if you want a satin or metallic finish.

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