PME Icing Nails - Set of 7 plus Handle




Icing Nails - Set of 7 plus Handle

This value for money piping nail set is manufactured by PME Sugarcraft.

It consists of 7 icing nails plus a handle which will fit on each to give an extended grip plus a rubber tip to stop slipping.

Extra Large dome-top nail - 75mm in diameter
Large dome-top nail - 50mm in diameter
Medium dome-top nail - 40mm in diameter
Small dome-top nail - 30mm
Ultra-curved dome-top nail - 50mm
Shallow-dip nail - 45mm
Large-dip nail - 45mm
Stick to hold the nails - 85mm
Rubber end for the nails - 10mm

Instructions and Tips for Use

There is one large nail which is suitable for very large flowers or for using when piping cupcakes plus 3 smaller flower nails for flat or open flowers such as roses, violets, blossoms etc. and 3 cupped nails for trumpet shaped piped flowers such as lilies, azalia etc.

The nails can be used with royal icing or buttercream and make it easy to turn the item to make even petal piping quick and easy. Each nail has 6 divisional indictors.