PME Icing Bag Adaptors - Set of 3



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Icing Bag Adaptors Set of 3

PME Icing bag adaptors, also known as 'couplers' make it quick and simple to switch nozzles when piping. They fit most standard tubes including PME, JEM, Tala, and smaller Wilton tubes.

There are 3 couplers in this great value set which give you great adaptability when piping. Each adaptor consists of 2 parts which screw together.


Instructions and Tips for Use

Unscrew the coupler and drop the bottom section into your piping bag. Place your nozzle on the end and screw the top section over it to hold firmly in place. Fill your bag with your chosen icing and pipe as usual.

Although it is not necessary to use a coupler it does make it very quick and simple to change tubes without having to empty your bag and start again with a different tube.

To use a new tube simply unscrew the fixing cap, change the nozzle and you are ready to pipe again!

With the three couplers in this set you can have 3 different colours on the go at once and simply change your nozzles when you need to - no need to wash out your bag!

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