PME Geometric Multicutter Moroccan Lantern Set of 3


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PME Geometric Multicutter Moroccan Lantern Set of 3

The PME Geometric Moroccan Lantern Full Set of 3 Moroccan Lantern Cutters includes all 3 cutters in the set; Small, Medium and Large, in one value for money pack. These cutters allow you to cut out multiple lanterns at the same time. You can use them for making fabulous patterns on your cake sides & cupcakes.

Measurements (approx):

  • Each SMALL lantern measures: 19 mm  (0.75")
  • Each MEDIUM lantern measures: 25 mm  (1")
  • Each LARGE lantern measures: 31.75 mm  (1.25")


How to Use the Moroccan Lantern Multicutters

Evenly roll out sugarpaste or modelling paste on a non stick surface.

Press down the cutter to cut out the lanterns.

If making patterns for cake sides cut out other colours. Using edible glue stick the shapes to the cake top or sides in the required pattern.

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