PME Fine Craft Brush Set of 5




Pack Of 5 Cake Decoration Brushes From PME

This craft brush set contains five different sized brushes for craft and sugarcraft use. They are manufactured by PME in durable nylon. Each brush has a rubber grip strip for greater control.

There are 3 ROUND TIP brushes for painting and other craft uses:

FINE - The tip of this brush is approx 1 mm and is perfect for painting fine details such as facial features on modelled figures.

SMALLThe tip of this brush is approx 3 mm. Good for painting details and excellent for using with edible glue to adhere decorations to your cakes or for making sugar flowers.

MEDIUMThe tip of this brush is approx 10 mm. This is good for stronger strokes such as larger painted lines or for giving an even finish to brush embroidery.

There are also 2 FLAT BRUSHES

SMALL - For painting larger areas or for fine detail when petal dusting your sugar flowers.

LARGE - The perfect sized petal dusting brush! This brush will give an quik and even finish to colouring your sugar flowers and leaves when used for dry dusting with powdered petal dusting colours.


Instructions and Tips for Use

Made from nylon, these brushes are fantastic for painting detail on sugar craft products.

When using with petal dusts make sure your brush is completely dry.