PME Electric Chocolate Melting Pot - 3 pots - UK plug


SKU: PA102783

Electric Chocolate Melting Pot - 3 pots

This item comes with 3 melting pots so you can melt three different colours easily! The main base unit has 2 different temperature settings so it can be turned down once melted. It also comes with full instruction on how to take care of your melting pot and 'How To's' for making Cake-Pops and Moulded Chocolates.

Absolutely PERFECT for covering your Cake Pops - use PME Candy Buttons to melt in your melting pots. They are made to compliment each other! Great for candy dipping too! Or try dipping fruit in the melted chocolate for an absolutely perfect summer dessert... scrummy and healthy...ish!

Capacity of each pot will hold a maximum of 250g/10ozs of Chocolate or Candy Buttons.

Easy to clean and look after! Brand new, sealed box and full instructions manual! UK plug mains 220V - 240V Power 25 watt Approval CE/ROHS/LFGB - If buying for European countries you will need a UK to EU plug converter.


Instructions and Tips for Use

Use the melting pot with PME Candy Buttons, available in lots of lovely colours for a great result. Don't risk microwaves and burnt chocolate - use the PME melting pot!

Rinse melting pots in soapy warm water to clean... easy clean and easy maintenance.

For more tips & advice see the full manual that comes with this product.

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