PME Butterfly Plunger Cutters Veiners Set of 3




Butterfly Plunger Cutters Veiners Set of 3

Create beautiful sugar butterflies for your cupcakes and celebration cakes with this specially designed plunger cutter. Each cutter has an embossed veining pattern to give realistic detail to your butterfly creations. They're fab and really easy to use!.

This cutter set consists of 3 plunger cutters which measure approximately:
Large - 60mm x 40mm
Medium - 45mm x 30mm
Small - 30mm x 20mm


Instructions and Tips for Use

Plunger Cutters will easily cut, emboss and then eject the cut item from the tool.

Made of plastic, height 2"

Roll out your paste, cut the butterfly shape without pressing the plunger. Press down to emboss the veins, then lift from the board and use plunger to eject the cut shape. To give the butterflies a realistic shape fold and dry over a 'v' shaped former (I use folded cereal packet card)

PME Sugar Craft England, producer of fine cake decorating tools.
They also produce some other great plunger cutters which you can also buy on our site!

A very versatile cutter for the money!