Patchwork Cutters

SKU: PA100246

Smocking Embosser

This Smocking embosser from Marion Frost at Patchwork cutters gives a very realistic smocked appearance to your sugarpaste quickly and easily.

The Smocking embosser measures approximately 11.5cm x 8.5cm.

How to Use the Smocking Embosser

You can emboss directly onto the cake surface , repeating the impression as many times as required or for a better result roll out the paste and emboss before carefully lifting the paste into position on the cake taking care not to smooth out the impression.

Great for a pretty feminine side decoration for many celebration cakes particularly for female birthdays or Christenings.

Small 'stitches' can be added to the design using royal icing in a fine piping tube or for a very easy finish use food colour pens once the paste has set up and crusted over.

A very impressive but deceptively simple finish to all sorts of celebration cakes. Complete with a small frill top and bottom.

The recommended paste to use is Mexican paste which you can make yourself or can buy either as a ready to mix powder or as ready to use paste.

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