Patchwork Cutters PICOT DOTS (Stacked Dots Cutter)

Patchwork Cutters



Picot Dot Cutter / Embosser Set

This PICOT DOTS cutter set is from Marion Frost at Patchwork Cutters. It features 5 cutters to create Picot Lace effects from modelling paste. There are 2 large dot 'stacks', one with the centres cut out to give a lovely lace effect, and 3 different sized strips of smaller stacked dots.

Large 'stacks' of dots - 50mm x 25mm
Strips of 'stacked' -
92mm x 11mm
72mm x 9mm
60mm x 7mm.


How to Use the Picot Dots Cutters

The small picot edge strips give a lovely delicate finish to plaques, frills and lace moulds.
The larger stacks can be dried and added to cakes like lace pieces.
All this without having to mix up Royal Icing and pipe! Brilliant!

For more ideas check out Marion's new Book 18 for lots of great ideas for the new cutters and stencils.