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SKU: PA100176

EasyTwist Number Cutters - Small

This Easy-Twist Number cutter set from Marion Frost's Patchwork Cutter range cuts out numbers for all your inscriptions. They are on an easy twist frame and can therefore be separated to make it easier to use.

Cutter includes numbers 0 - 9 on an easy twist frame. Height of cutter is 1.5cm.

How to Use the Easy Twist Small Numerals Cutter

Mexican paste gives the best result and this can be made yourself or buy Squires Kitchen ready made paste for a perfect result every time. This needs to be rolled very finely to give a clean cut to your cut out numerals.

The advantage that this range has is that each cutter can be used independently of the others making them far more flexible in their usage. Not only can they be used to cut paste in the shape of your inscription but can be pressed directly into the paste. The resulting embossed shape can then be painted directly on the cake making it a fast and effective method of inscription.

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