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Bride and Groom Cutters

This Bride & Groom cutter is from Marion Frost's Patchwork Cutter range and is suitable for making figures for wedding designs. It measures 9 x 9cm and is beautifully detailed. As with all Patchwork cutters this is very versatile and can be used in many different ways.


Instructions and Tips for Use

Emboss directly onto the cake and then paint or cut out either as one piece or by applying a little more pressure to the cutter you can cut out in several sections allowing you to build up a 3d motif. This cutter is also very effective when cut out and dried and then can be placed free-standing on top of the cake.

A reverse cutter is also available to allow you to do a front and back for a standing figure or simply have the figures facing the opposite way depending on your design.

The recomended paste to use is Mexican paste which you can make yourself or can buy either as a ready to mix powder or as ready to use paste.