Patchwork Cutters Alphabet OLD ENGLISH Upper & Lower Case

Patchwork Cutters



Alphabet Old English Upper & Lower Case Cutters

The Old English Alphabet Set from Marion Frost's Patchwork Cutter range makes writing your inscriptions so much easier.

These Patchwork Cutters are for making impressions and due to the detail in them we do not recommend these for cutting out individual letters however they are perfect for giving you an outline to pipe over or simply for embossing on your cake.

You can cut out the larger sections to give more detail if you wish.

Capitals measure 1.5cm and lower case measures 1cm..


How to Use the Old English Cutter Sets

Ideal for traditional Christmas Inscriptions as well as many others. Mexican paste gives the best result and this can be made yourself or buy Squires Kitchen ready made paste for a perfect result every time.

The advantage that this range has is that each letter can be used independently of the others making them far more flexible in their usage. The letters can be pressed directly into the paste to make an impression or outline to follow when piping. The resulting embossed shape can then be painted directly on the cake making it a fast and effective method of inscription.

The Old English Alphabet set includes capitals and ampersand (&) and also lower case letters plus ampersand each on an easy twist frame.