Orchard Products Plaque Cutter P3 FANCY OVAL - 74mm

Orchard Products



Plaque Cutter  P3 FANCY OVAL - 74mm

This Orchard Products Plaque Cutter (P3) cuts a fancy oval shape.

P3 Plaque cutter measures: 74mm

A very useful cutter! Thinly roll Mexican Paste or pastillage and cut out plaques which can be left to dry. Great for using up excess paste!Once dried they can be stored until needed.


Instructions and Tips for Use

Inscriptions on cakes - either piped, cut out or even simply write with edible pens;
Bases for cake top decorations - either hand modelled or premade (perfect for preventing non-edible items from coming into contact with cakes as they can be easily removed before consumption;
Side designs - decorate flat and then stick to the cake side with edible glue or royal icing. *HINT* If decorating a round cake use a cake tin the same size as the cake - that way you can place the tin on its side while you decorate the plaque then transfer to cake side once complete - so much easier than on the cake side (unless you have a tilting turntable of course!)

All Orchard Products cutters cut cleanly without the need for 'scrubbing' on the board. They are non-stick and keep their shape and will not lose shape even in the dishwasher or in boiling water. They are easily cleaned and meet EEC regulations for food contact. They do not corrode and are comfortable to hold and easy to use. Great value for money.