Medium Cracked Egg Mould - 114mm (1 half)


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Medium Cracked Egg Mould From Culpitt

This medium cracked egg mould is brilliant for moulding chocolate Easter Eggs. This mould gives a crackled finish to Easter eggs and gives an easy release to chocolate mouldings.

Measurements: 100mm x 65mm


Instructions and Tips for Use

For the best results wash and dry the mould and then polish well with cotton wool before filling with chocolate. If using chocolate couverture it is best to temper your chocolate well to prevent blooming and keep the chocolate crisp and shiny. Cooking chocolate does not need tempering before use. 

Fill your egg with chocolate and leave for a few minutes before pouring out the chocolate to form a chocolate shell. You can repeat if you would like a thicker egg. When completely set remove from the mould. Use a hot knife to slightly melt the edge and then press together with a second half to form a whole hollow egg. You can of course fill with sweets before sealing. Or how about adding some minty mini eggs made with the miniature egg mould.

Buy 2 so you can do both halves at once! At this price it's worth it!

The mould can also be used for other crafty ideas such as sugarpaste, craft clay or even soaps.