Karen Davies Moulds - Sugar Flower Garland Mould

Karen Davies

SKU: PA103573

Karen Davies Moulds - Sugar Flower Garland Mould

Karen Davies Sugar Flower Garland mould is made in the UK from food safe flexible silicone. The garland is perfect for traditional wedding cake and celebration cake sides but with a very modern twist. As well as the large swag there are 3 individual flower moulds which you can use to cover any gaps or to add more flowers to the design.

Use along with the fabulous Karen Davies floral border moulds such as the Hydrangea border or the large Sugar Flowers Border mould to create stunning wedding and celebration cakes. 

Mould Size

140mm and 90mm

Instructions and Tips for Use

This is a fantastic mould that can be used over and over for all manner of different occasions. 
This mould produces a beautiful delicate repeatable swag garland, ideal for decorating the sides of wedding and other celebration cakes. 

Simply apply a small amount of cornflour to the mould (to provide an easy release once complete) then push in a pre rolled ball of paste or marzipan. You could also dust the sugar flower garland mould with powder colour or lustre before moulding to colour and mould at the same time.

For further information on how to use Karen Davies moulds please see the following YouTube video created by Karen Davies; 

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