Karen Davies Moulds LARGE - Native Feathers Mould

Karen Davies

SKU: PA103685

Karen Davies Moulds LARGE - Native Feathers Mould

The Karen Davies Native Feathers mould is a high quality mould made of flexible silicon, manufactured by Karen Davies. 
The mould features a selection of four different sized feathers, two strands, beads and a tassle. Perfect for boho chic designs, native american headress, and feather flower designs.


Feather 1 - Large - 170mm x 55mm
Feather 2 - Medium - 95mm x 43mm
Feather 3 - Small - 77mm x 34mm
Feather 4 - Petal style - 46mm x 16mm
Trim 1 (plaited) - 128mm x 9mm
Trim  2 (cord) -122mm x 7mm
Beading - 46mm x 9mm
Tassle - 38mm x 20mm

This mould is suitable for use with a huge range of pastes including flower paste, modelling paste or marzipan. 

Instructions and Tips for Use

This is a fantastic mould set that can be used over and over for all mannor of different occasions. 
The range of flowers and boarders are great as either individual toppers or as extra to use along side other larger moulds.

Simply apply a small amount of cornflower to the mould (to provide an easy release once complete) then push in a pre rolled ball of paste or marzipan. 

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