JEM Nozzle 232 - Cupcake Filler Nozzle


SKU: PA103872

Nozzle 232 - Cupcake Filler Piping Tube

This great cupcake filling nozzle (232) is manufactured by JEM Sugarcraft. It is made from high quality stainless steel and is seamless ensuring the perfect finish and high durability.

This Jem nozzle has a single wide opening for inserting into your cupcake, doughnuts or other bakes. It allows you to add fillings easily and without mess.


Instructions and Tips for Use

The nozzle can be used with standard piping bags. You can also use by simply dropping the tube into a disposable or reusable piping bag. Our reusable savoy piping bags, available in sizes 9", 12" and 15", are perfect for these nozzles.

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